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SOLE LogoAfter looking at various portable power solutions for our electronic gadgets, Steve and I settled on Solar Focus – distributors of Power Pond, SolarDuo  and SolarMio Pro.

Depending on your needs, Power Pond portable charging systems can power or re-charge your cell phone, iPod or even a lap top, while the SolarDuo and SolarMio are recharging systems that use the sun to charge batteries or devices directly – it all depends what you need.  ~ Ed

PP 2600 Blue

Power Pond 2600mAh $29.95

The Power Pond 2600mAh is a small, pocketable portable power cell that is ideal for people with an iPhone 3GS or similar who just want to take along a little extra charge on their weekend hike or trip to the cottage.




PP 3000 blk 2

Power Pond 3000mAh 39.95



The similar, but larger capacity Power Pond 3000 provides more charge and also incorporates an LED flashlight, red laser pointer and a “black light” that helps detect counterfit currency.




PP 12000 blk

Power Pond 12000mAh


inally, from the Power Pond line is the 12000mAh – a champion of portable power.  It seems to hold enough electrical charge to power up a laptop, let alone a cell phone or iPad.



SF SolarDuo



The Solar charging systems include the modest sized, but very functional SolarDuo.  This charging system uses two flexible, durable solar panels (or photo voltaic cells) to either recharge two rechargable AA batteries (included) or your rechargable phone or camera directly.



SF SolarMio Pro 2

SolarMio Pro


The larger and more powerful SolarMio Pro uses an array of 6 solar panels to recharge the included power pack – from which you can then recharge your electronic devices.


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